National Parks and the Roads Less Traveled

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by Scott VanZalinge, Warehouse Manager

There are 58 National Parks in the US, many of which are visited often, and are known even to those who haven't visited them. Among the most visited parks are: The Great Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier Bay, and The Grand Canyon. But how much do we know about the rest of the parks? I've chosen a handful of lesser visited National Parks which I find very interesting and worth making a trip.

Capitol Reef
I've started in Utah, my home, and the home of RidgeCrest Herbals, and I've chosen the two least visited National Parks in the state - Capitol Reef and Canyonlands. Capitol Reef National Park is an extraordinary place, which encompasses the "Waterpocket Fold" a 65 million year old warp in the earth's crust, and the largest exposed monocline in North America. It offers vibrantly colored cliffs, arches, white domes shaped like the US capitol building (for which this park is named), and hundreds of miles of trails and unpaved roads that allow you to access the all-encompassing beauty.

Canyonlands National Park
It is just east of Capitol Reef, both of which are located in South Central Utah. Canyonlands is broken into four districts - the Island in the Sky, the Needles, the Maze, and the rivers that course through the park. The districts share a primitive desert atmosphere while they each retain their own character. The park is suited for many recreational uses including mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, and four-wheeling. Both parks are full of historical and cultural remnants, and both are absolutely awesome places to visit. Whether sticking to the highways or hiking deep into the backcountry, you're sure to find something spectacular.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison
It is a very narrow and deep canyon located in western Colorado. Through the canyon flows the Gunnison river, which drops an average of 34 feet per mile, making it the 5th steepest mountain descent in North America. What I like about a place like this is its ability to make you feel small - this is what drives me to visit National Parks. Upon their magnificence, they have the ability to make one feel insignificant. In these moments, when I'm a speck in size compared to my surroundings, I find tranquility.

This park in South Carolina preserves the largest portion of old growth floodplain forest left in North America. I chose this park because it is unique, and living in Utah does not subject me to a lot of swampland. I would very much like to experience this unique environment. Some of the trees in this forest are the tallest in the Eastern United States, and there are a wide array of animal species, including bobcats, deer, coyotes, armadillos, turkeys, feral dogs, and pigs. The waters have amphibians, turtles, snakes, alligators, and many varieties of fish. There are both primitive and backcountry campsites available, and many trails to navigate your way through the forest, including both land and mapped out waterways which are accessed via canoe. There is also a 2.4 mile elevated boardwalk which you can use for strolling or bird watching.

Dry Tortugas
This national park is one of the most interesting I have read about. It is a small group of islands located in the Gulf of Mexico, near the Florida Keys. On one of the islands holds an old civil war fort, Fort Jefferson. The fort is the largest masonry structure in the Americas, constructed from over 16 million bricks. There's a lot of history here, stories about Fort Jefferson, shipwrecks, early Spanish explorers, island battles, and even tales found in fictional literary works like "Treasure Island" and "The President's Shadow". Another thing I found interesting about Dry Tortugas is the disappearance and reappearance of some of its smaller islands. Its former islands include Southwest Key, Northeast Key, and North Key, which all disappeared by 1875, while Bird Key disappeared in 1935. The islands are only accessible by boat or plane.

There is so much to do in this world, so many places to see, and so many experiences just waiting to take place. Yet, these experiences don't need to come at the higher cost associated with more popular parks such as higher priced hotel accommodations, having to drive further distances, or putting up with a crowd. Solidarity is held high in my book, and I'm finding that just because a place (whether a National Park or some other attraction) is less visited, doesn't mean it's any less extraordinary or enjoyable. I encourage everyone to find a National Park near you, one you haven't visited, and go. I've made it my New Year's resolution to visit all of the National Parks in Utah that I haven't been to, and I hope you make it out to explore the world. Safe travels!

August 2016 Retail Expert Tip

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2016 August Almanac Retail Tip-01

2016 August Troop Scoop


2016 August Almanac Troop Scoop-01

August 2016 Fun & Funky Holidays


2016 August Almanac Calendar Holidays-01

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“Dig This!” August 2016


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Chris’ Apopka

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Chris Apopka Recipe Almanac 2016-01

Click on the above image to print the recipe or view in a larger scale! You can also find our recipe listed below for your convenience:

Chris' Apopka


- 6 cans of beans (your choice)
- 6 avocados
- 3 green onions, chopped
- 2 medium tomatoes, chopped
- 2-3 cloves of garlic, diced
- 1 yellow bell pepper, chopped
- 1 bottle of light Italian dressing, or vinaigrette of your choice


Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl, add salt or season to your tastes, and enjoy!

The Best Reasons to Buy Local Produce

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by Matt Warnock, CEO

People across America are mystifying their neighbors, as they discover the strange and wonderful joys of buying local produce. With a well-stocked supermarket on nearly every corner, why would people drive for miles and line up early on a Saturday morning to pay higher prices for vegetables by visiting a local farm stand, co-op, or farmer's market? If you don't know, you haven't tried it yet. But here are my top reasons:

1. Know your food.
There is great comfort in buying your food right at the source. Want to know whether your produce has been organically grown? Would you rather look for a sticker, or personally ask the family that grew it?

2. More and better varieties.
Supermarkets typically carry only one or two varieties of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, apples, and pears; a few kinds of lettuce; and usually only one or two other kinds of produce. But local farmers may be trying out a wide variety of different strains, including unique and flavorful heirloom varieties, that you may never see in a supermarket.

3. Field ripened and preservative-free.
Supermarket produce is often picked well before it is ripe, then coated with wax or other preservatives to slow ripening while it is transported, and stored until it is finally ripe enough for sale. Warehouse ripened produce can't hope to compare in flavor or nutrition to produce can't hope to compare in flavor or nutrition to produce that has ripened in a sunny filed until nearly bursting with goodness.

4. Earth-friendly.
Supermarket produce may travel for thousands of miles to its destination, using expensive and often non-renewable resources for processing, refrigeration, transportation, packaging, display, and lighting.

5. Support your local economy.
Almost all of the money spent in your local farmer's market stays around to help and support your neighbors, rather than taking a side trip through some multi-national corporation on the other end of the country or world. And it encourages more of the same, helping to preserve the diversity and health of our mutual food supply.

RidgeCrest Herbals Replaces AsthmaClear With AirwayClear

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Regulatory changes prompt an updated formula named AirwayClear, formerly known as AsthmaClear.

SALT LAKE CITY, June 24, 2016 - RidgeCrest Herbals has released a new product to replace their popular product AsthmaClear. The new product, called AirwayClear, has almost the same herbal formula as the former AsthmaClear product, but does not contain homeopathics. This change was precipitated by recent FDA statements and enforcement activity taking the position that asthma was not appropriate for over-the-counter (OTC) treatment, and specifically warning against homeopathic OTC treatments, a class that apparently included AsthmaClear. The new AirwayClear formula contains no homeopathics, but contains the exact same herbal blend formerly found in AsthmaClear. It also contains AvailaBlend, a patented natural formula for enhancing potency by increasing bioavailability. Because the new AirwayClear product is regulated as a Dietary Supplement, rather than as a homeopathic drug, the name and UPC code were also changed. You can find the new formula at

“AsthmaClear has been a consistent top seller for us since 1994, so we don’t take these changes lightly. But because homeopathic medicines are not dose-dependent, the actual change in the new formula was about 2% by weight, “ said Matt Warnock, CEO. “I doubt most existing users will notice a difference in the effectiveness of the formula, and some may actually find it more effective, because of the addition of AvailaBlend. But the change was needed to stay within the changing FDA regulatory framework.”

Customer feedback since the update has been generally positive, although the name and formula change has certainly created some uncertainty as consumers braced for adjustments to a product that they have used and enjoyed for so long. Consumers or dealers with questions about the new formula can call the company help line at 1-800-242-4649.

About RidgeCrest Herbals
RidgeCrest Herbals makes natural remedies for individual health needs, including the top selling ClearLungs, SinusClear, Anxiety Free, Hair ReVive, and more than 20 other formulas. The company’s eclectic approach combines natural methods and ingredients from around the world to deliver the most effective results. To learn more about RidgeCrest Herbals visit or call 1-800-242-4649.

RidgeCrest Herbals Promotes In-House Leadership to Encourage Growth and Innovation


Will Christensen is promoted to Chief Marketing Officer and Brittini Gehring to Chief Botanical Officer to continue upon the success of ClearLungs, the #1 Natural Lung Decongestant.

SALT LAKE CITY, June 24, 2016 - In 2015, RidgeCrest Herbals, maker of the #1 natural herbal lung decongestant ClearLungs, promoted two senior leaders to support the company’s strategic growth and innovation. After ten years of developing customer relationships, Will Christensen will occupy the lead position as Chief Marketing Officer, managing internal relations and promotions for the company. Brittini Gehring, a nine year product researcher and certified master herbalist, takes her seat as the Chief Botanical Officer, overseeing product formulation, development, and relations with manufacturers and suppliers. You can learn more about RidgeCrest Herbals at

“These are valued and proven team members who have stepped up to new roles,” said Matt Warnock, CEO. “They have consistently delivered in the past, and I am excited to see what they can do with these new responsibilities and opportunities. 2015 was a record year for us, and I only expect that trend to increase with their new ideas and additional direction.”

Will Christensen, Chief Marketing Officer
With a long history as both a natural product retailer and a natural ingredient supplier, Will Christensen is an experienced executive who is passionate about working with retailers to understand their needs and translate those needs into useful tools and solutions.

“I really look forward to getting RidgeCrest Herbals’ story out to our retailers and partners,” said Will Christensen, the new CMO. “We shot right out of the gate ending the 2015 year by launching the 2016 RidgeCrest Herbals Almanac. It was a massive undertaking. The entire company was involved in this effort to develop a closer relationship with our retailers and consumers. I wanted to show everyone what it is like inside the walls of RidgeCrest, but the book ended up being so much more than I planned. It became a way for us to display our passions, not just at work, but also in our personal lives.”

Brittini Gehring, Chief Botanical Officer
As a certified Master Herbalist, Brittini brings a unique blend of knowledge and personality to RidgeCrest Herbals formulations. Her passion for clinically effective, high quality, and natural products is the driving force that stimulates her creative and unique approach to botanical formulations.

“RidgeCrest Herbals has always been a place of learning and growth for both me and my career,” said Brittini, the new CBO, “What excited me most about my new position is that RidgeCrest Herbals has entrusted me with a critical section of the company’s mission to bring trusted and effective products to the market. My new position requires me to stay current on a wide range of laws, industry regulations, practices, ingredients, and trends. I feel very fortunate to be in a career that I find so rewarding, fun, and exciting.”

About RidgeCrest Herbals
RidgeCrest Herbals makes natural remedies for individual health needs, including the top selling ClearLungs, SincusClear, Anxiety Free, Hair ReVive, and more than 20 other formulas. The company’s eclectic approach combines natural methods and ingredients from around the world to deliver the most effective results. To learn more about RidgeCrest Herbals visit or call 1-800-242-4649.

RidgeCrest Herbals will introduce Summit Retailer Program at Expo West

Summit Retailers Badge 200x200

ew14_logo_169x165The RidgeCrest Herbals Retailer Program will be introduced at Expo West this year! (Booth #1366)

The RidgeCrest Herbals Summit Retailer program offers a retailer locator, special discounts, staff training and marketing incentives for participating retailers.

Retailers! Register at the booth for a free gift! Come see us at booth #1366 during the show.