At RidgeCrest Herbals, our people have always enabled our success.  All of our team is important, but we have room here to list only only a few that are most visible to the outside world.

RCC7Matt Warnock (President, son of co-founder Paul Warnock) was an attorney in California's Silicon Valley area before relocating to Utah in 1998.  He joined RidgeCrest as COO in 2001, and added the title of VP Marketing in 2003.  He was appointed President in 2005, and became a co-owner in 2007.  Today he leads a talented team that has continued to innovate and break new ground in natural remedies.





RCC41Jared StClair (son of co-founder Clyde StClair) has been a consultant to RidgeCrest since 2004.  Jared St. Clair was raised in his parent's health food store. He started out there stocking shelves at the age of 7 and started managing it for them when he was 15. He bought Vitality Nutrition in 1994 and has owned it ever since. In 2005 he came to RidgeCrest Herbals as a retail consultant and product formulator. Jared has formulated 6 products for RidgeCrest Herbals and absolutely loves this part of his job. Being in an industry that puts such a premium on helping people feel and be their best is so rewarding. Jared and his gifted wife Kimberlee have 6 children and are constantly busy watching them perform, play, swim, act and sing. In their spare time (a rare moment to have) they enjoy Football, Musicals and Rock Concerts, not necessarily in that order.



RCC15Will Christensen was a long-time friend of Jared StClair and was both an assistant manager and manager at Vitality Nutrition and went on to sell nutriceuticals and other fine chemicals for L.A. Chemical and Brenntag, but has been in and around the health food industry for over 20 years.  Will joined the RidgeCrest team in 2007 to become our National Sales Manager. Will lives in Salt Lake with his four kids, loves the outdoors, and has a special appreciation for trees. He also enjoys spending time in the yard with his kids, koi fish, and dog.



RCC39Brittini Gehring was born and raised in Utah, but her love for herbs developed while she lived in Brazil. Ironically, it was there that she became aware of an herbal school back in Utah, The School of Natural Healing, where she attended upon returning to the states and graduated with a Master Herbalogolist degree. She has since operated her own herbal practice, worked in several retail health food stores, and worked as an Asyra Biomeridian Tech. Brittini joined the RidgeCrest team in 2008, where she helps in developing formulas, researching and preparing marketing materials and social media, and also assists in sales and distribution support. Although her career and natural medicine are one of her main passions she has many other hobbies and interests. Some of these include: the extreme sport of raising a family of 7, amateur kayaking, NPC bodybuilding competitor, backpacking/camping, trail running, snowboarding, wakeboarding, art, animals, and nature in any form.



RCC2Chris Herbert has over 12 years in the health food industry. He has managed several health food stores over the years and owned one of his own in Houston, Texas.  Chris also worked for five years as a regional sales manager and spokesperson for North American Herb & Spice, where his famous beard became a familiar sight at industry trade shows.  We knew Chris for years before he joined RidgeCrest in 2011 to become our Retail Sales Manager.  He also hires and manages Field Guides in major cities who schedule demos throughout stores. Chris lives and works in Austin, Texas, and his spare time is spent with his wife & boys, enjoying nature and playing disc golf.



Would you like to join us?  We are a second-generation family business with a close-knit, but diverse and far-flung, extended team.  We are always looking for talented and dedicated local field representatives.  Send your resume to Will Christensen by emailing, or call 801-978-9633.