Cranberries have been a known remedy for urinary tract complications long before science discovered their nutritional and medicinal value. Some of the first known uses for cranberries were discovered by the Native Americans and later passed down to English settlers. Cranberries have been used throughout the years for many medicinal purposes, but the most common use today is to cleanse and strengthen the urinary tract system.

Cranberries have changed from ancient times to the present day. Cranberry juices found at the average grocery store are most often watered down and polluted with sugar additives, artificial sweeteners, and other sweet juice concentrates to mask the true bitter taste. Dried cranberries are also soaked in sugary liquids in order to make them more pleasing to the wimpy taste buds of today's society. Unless the bottle or bag says 100% cranberry and provokes a serious bitter face when swallowed, you can be sure there is little to no nutritional or medicinal value left. In other words, if you have UTI complications, don't bother with cranberry juice. Either it's worthless, or just too bitter for most to handle in large enough amounts. Instead, drink lots of water and seek out a top quality cranberry supplement that will give you fast results.

One of the most exciting ingredients in RidgeCrest Herbals Urinary tract formula, UTIntensive, is known as PACran.  PACran is a clinically supported, non-GMO propriety blend of 100% cranberry solids.  PACan does not contain artificial flavors or colors. A good cranberry supplement is rich in Proanthocyanidins (PACs), which are the strong antioxidants responsible for many of the benefits associated with cranberry including bacterial anti-adhesive effects.  PACran contains one of the highest known contents of PACs available.  At a clinical dose of 500 mg, PACran has been proven to reduce bacteria adhesion on the urinary tract wall and support overall urinary tract health. PACran is just one of many outstanding ingredients found in RidgeCrests UTIntensive formula!

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