By Aspen Anderson, Herbal Authoress

Each month Ridgecrest Herbals gives back to our local community. Each employee gets a turn to choose a non-profit or charity of their choice for the company family to serve. In March, the service project was chosen by Will, our marketing guru. He chose EyeCare 4 Kids, a nonprofit that helps provide eyeglasses, exams, and eye care to low-income children.

They believe that if kids have eyesight issues, it directly impacts their ability to learn, and increases their risk for poverty as adults. But if their parents can’t afford to take them to the doctor, they might not get the opportunity for vision aids that they need. So EyeCare 4 Kids was founded in 2001.

On March 27th, the Ridgecrest Herbals team packed up early and carpooled through the rain to Murray to do what we could to help. We received a tour of the facility and the director explained the non-profit’s goals and hopes for expansion. They are currently working to add on a small surgical center so that they can perform medical procedures on-site to better serve the children. When we were there, they needed help organizing donations of eyewear that they had received. Our Marketing experts, Will and Nichole, took the lead and organized us into teams to separate thousands of eyeglasses into useful categories. We were so good working as a team that we finished the project before our time was up, and had the opportunity to learn a little more from the director about this great national program.

RidgeCrest Herbals Team sorting glasses.
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EyeCare 4 Kids is based in the Salt Lake valley and has several locations in Utah, Nevada, New Jersey and Arizona. They welcome volunteer help and financial aid. If you are interested in contributing to their great cause, visit