Last Wednesday, November 14, 2012, Ron Paul gave his farewell address on the floor of the United States House of Representatives.  His 48-minute address was a remarkable one.  In it, he gave a simple but compelling argument that the United States is slipping slowly (or quickly) toward totalitarianism.  He is absolutely correct.  You can read or view his complete address at one of the links below.

Ron PaulToo many of us fail to understand the limited role that government, and especially the federal government, was supposed to have under our Constitution.  The founding fathers feared, with good reason, that too much authority in the federal government would be fatal to our personal liberties. Today it seems axiomatic that the federal government can regulate anything for any reason, use tax money to bail out any failing industry, and spend us out of any recession.  It can't. These kinds of actions cannot continue, neither under our Constitution, nor under the natural laws that govern economies and societies of any kind.

Many "progressives" believe that "something should be done" to help the poor, advance the arts, and do many other good works. They are correct. The problem is that such good works cease to be "good" the instant that government becomes involved. We must ALL understand clearly, as Ron Paul does, that EVERYTHING that government does is done by force, and ultimately at gunpoint. Tax money spent on the arts, or Big Bird, or parks, or anything else, is ultimately collected from the people by force. We should use that power sparingly-- most of these projects could be funded just as effectively, and much more appropriately, with voluntary donations, which are both more accountable and more ethical in their nature.

I recently read Dr. Paul's book "Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom", which is a collection of 50 short essays on topics from abortion to war. There are very few subjects on which I disagree with Dr. Paul. I encourage all Americans to read this very thought-provoking book. I hope that many others will pick up the cause so nobly advanced by Dr. Paul, and I hope his words will have a long-lasting influence on the Congress of the United States.

Watch the speech here, or read the full text.