Keeping Kids Engaged and Active During Summer Months

written by Brittini Gehring, MH (and mother of 5) School is out! It’s nice not having to drag everyone out of bed so early,

Jun 19, 2017
Making the Memories: Tips & Considerations for Taking Better Pictures

by Abbie Warnock-Matthews We live in an amazing time, when documenting our lives and loved ones has never been easier. The built-in cameras on

Jun 19, 2017
Container Gardening for Beginners

by Will Christensen, Tree Whisperer While urban farming can be a great project for homeowners with yards, many of us do not have room

Jun 4, 2017
Homemade Boo Boo Butter

This cream is a great natural alternative for little cuts and scrapes, or even as a daily hand moisturizer, especially during dry winter months.

Jun 4, 2017
Hungry Minds: Teaching Kids to LOVE Eating Healthy

By Brittini Gehring, MH (and mother of 5) I wish there was a way to get kids to eat every vegetable, but it's difficult.

Jun 4, 2017
Keeping Chickens: What the Cluck is All the Hype?!

By Jamie Miller Let me fill you in on what it's like having chickens as pets: For starts, chickens require less time than most

May 8, 2017
Happy Homesteading – Make Your Own Homemade Extracts

Did you know that it's really easy to make your own extracts from fresh herbs and fruits? These are great alternatives to ones at

May 8, 2017
RidgeCrest Herbals to Phase Out Homeopathics in Formulas

Beginning in 2017, Ridgecrest Herbals has decided to phase out the homeopathic elements that exist in some of our formulas. We expect the full

Apr 28, 2017
The Basics of Composting

Ever wanted to start your own compost pile for your yard/garden, but didn’t know where to start? Here are some of the basics to

Apr 6, 2017
Sourcing Quality Herbal Ingredients

by Matt Warnock, CEO RidgeCrest Herbals I am often asked where our herbs come from. As an eclectic herbal company, our herbs come from

Apr 6, 2017
The Benefits of Vermicomposting

by Will Christensen Vermicomposting has grown in popularity and become a mainstay for homes around the world, turning natural table scraps into worm castings,

Mar 20, 2017
No-Till Gardening for Absolute Beginners

an excerpt from the book by Caleb Warnock Fifteen Reasons to never till your garden again: 1. Dramatically reduces the work required to garden

Mar 7, 2017
The Many Household Uses of Vinegar

Did you know that vinegar has many different uses in your home in place of harsh chemicals? Try some of these great methods: Remove

Mar 6, 2017
Ridgecrest Herbal’s PhysiQOL Supplement Wins 2017 Taste for Life Essentials Award

Ridgecrest Herbals is thrilled that our PhysiQOL herbal supplement has won the 2017 Taste for Life Essentials Award in the category of Pain Management.

Feb 21, 2017
A Blurb About Beards

by Scott Van Zalinge, Fellow Bearded Brother Since the beginning of mankind, men have been growing beards. They have been worn for warmth, fashion,

Feb 14, 2017
Health and Wealth, Do It Yourself

by Matt Warnock, CEO of RidgeCrest Herbals As a kid, I loved to know how things worked. I would take gadgets apart, and loved

Feb 1, 2017
The Moccasins: My Journey to Becoming an Herbalist

By Brittini Gehring, Master Herbalist - Chief Botanical Officer for RidgeCrest Herbals My path to becoming an Herbalist has been a series of events

Jan 21, 2017
Acupressure: Ancient Healing for a Modern World

By Heather Warnock, L.M.T. “To cure disease after it has appeared is like digging a well when one already feels thirsty, or forging weapons

Jan 1, 2017
RidgeCrest Herbals Announces Launch of 2017 Almanac

RidgeCrest Herbals Almanac success leads to a new partnership with WholeFoods Magazine and higher production for 2017. SALT LAKE CITY, UT December 13, 2016

Dec 20, 2016
Sugary Sweet Terminology: Your Personal Reference To Sugars

by the RidgeCrest Herbals Team If you find yourself looking over the ingredients on the back of a product, and you come across a

Dec 1, 2016
How does daylight savings affect your health?

by Chris Herbert Daylight saving time (DST) is in place to make the best use of daylight. Some states and nations don’t adhere to

Nov 15, 2016
Inflammation-Fighting Foods That Help Improve Q.O.L.

When it comes to having the best Quality of Life (QOL), pain/inflammation and lack of energy are at the top of the list of

Nov 1, 2016
Five Uncommon Essential Oils and Their Uses

by Nichole Carver of Vitality Nutrition, General Manager Have you ever seen an essential oil and thought to yourself “What is that good for?”

Oct 15, 2016
Fresh, Dried or Extracts?

By Matt Warnock, CEO RidgeCrest Herbals Any live plant is a chemical factory. Green plants grow by chemical processes, using sunlight for energy, and

Oct 1, 2016
Homeopathy for Newbies

by Matt Warnock, CEO RidgeCrest Herbals The late 1700’s and early 1800’s was the height of so-called “heroic medicine”, which favored violent treatments, even

Sep 18, 2016
Back to School Foods for Focus & Immunity

by Nichole Carver - Vitality Nutrition, General Manager Uh-Oh! It’s that time of year when kids are more susceptible to catching some kind of

Aug 31, 2016
National Parks and the Roads Less Traveled

by Scott VanZalinge, Warehouse Manager There are 58 National Parks in the US, many of which are visited often, and are known even to

Aug 14, 2016
The Best Reasons to Buy Local Produce

by Matt Warnock, CEO People across America are mystifying their neighbors, as they discover the strange and wonderful joys of buying local produce. With

Aug 3, 2016
RidgeCrest Herbals Replaces AsthmaClear With AirwayClear

Regulatory changes prompt an updated formula named AirwayClear, formerly known as AsthmaClear. SALT LAKE CITY, June 24, 2016 - RidgeCrest Herbals has released a

Aug 2, 2016
RidgeCrest Herbals Promotes In-House Leadership to Encourage Growth and Innovation

Will Christensen is promoted to Chief Marketing Officer and Brittini Gehring to Chief Botanical Officer to continue upon the success of ClearLungs, the #1

Jul 12, 2016
Dr Oz strikes back, for the win!

For the last year or so, Dr. Mehmet Oz has been under nearly constant attack.  Very public government investigations, even Congressional hearings, mainstream media's

Apr 25, 2015
Farewell to Friedman’s Folly

A tidal wave is now beginning to sweep through the business world, washing away a popular and long-held model of corporate management. On September

Mar 17, 2015
Adulteration or Politics?

In recent weeks, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has garnered a great deal of publicity with his claim that DNA barcode testing shows

Mar 11, 2015
5 Ways to Outwit Seasonal Germs & Stay Healthy for the Holidays!

The winter season has a way of sneaking up, sometimes catching us off guard and unprepared for one of the busiest and most eventful

Oct 27, 2014
The colors of autumn

It is finally autumn in Utah, and change is in the air. Trees are quickly turning from the verdant green of late summer, to

Oct 17, 2014
Anxiety Free Wins VITY Award

  Thank you Vitamin Retailer! We are so proud to have won a VITY 2014 Award! Anxiety Free won for the category called Specialty

Jun 15, 2014
RidgeCrest Herbals will introduce Summit Retailer Program at Expo West

The RidgeCrest Herbals Retailer Program will be introduced at Expo West this year! (Booth #1366) The RidgeCrest Herbals Summit Retailer program offers a retailer

Jan 23, 2014
5 Healthy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

KUTV Fresh Living Featuring Brittini Gehring (Article points featured on KUTV's channel 2 "Fresh Living" program, January 2014) written by Brittini Gehring Before we

Jan 20, 2014
(Natural Products Insider) RidgeCrest Herbals Receives Patent for Homeopathic Encapsulating Method

RidgeCrest Herbals Receives Patent for Homeopathic Encapsulating Method SALT LAKE CITY—Ridgecrest Herbals received a new patent for its homeopathic encapsulating method to combine homeopathic

Jan 13, 2014
(Natural Products Insider) The Truth About Supplement Safety

This summer, Sens. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) reintroduced the infamous Dietary Supplement Labeling Act, after being previously defeated in a landslide

Dec 18, 2013
(Whole Foods Magazine) RidgeCrest Herbals New Product Review

The upcoming holiday season is a great time to have fun with family and friends, but it can also bring on stress. Matt Warnock,

Dec 15, 2013
3 Ayurvedic Herbs You Should Know: Holy Basil, Ashwagandha, Trikatu

Holy Basil Called Tulsi in India, Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) is a powerful herb with a medicinal history going back thousands of years. Holy Basil has

Dec 3, 2013
(Natural Products Insider) Increasing Bioavailability with Spices

Nutrients are only useful if the body absorbs them. The nutrition industry is full of apocryphal stories of vitamin pills that fill septic tanks

Nov 21, 2013
(Whole Foods Magazine) Tonics 102: The Role of Adaptogens in Stress Relief

My first post last month, “Tonics 101,” defined tonic herbs, specifically how tonics help the body to better adapt to the challenges it faces, and how

Nov 4, 2013
(Natural Solutions Magazine) RidgeCrest Herbals Helps Reduce Holiday Stress Naturally

Anxiety Free Stress Release, Adrenal Fatigue Fighter, and Blood Sugar Balance combat stress while providing stable, consistent energy Hoping to survive the holiday season

Oct 24, 2013
(Whole Foods Magazine) Tonics 101: Increasing Vitality, Energy and Spirit

In herbal medicine, the term “tonic” is often used—mistakenly—to mean an infusion, tea or tincture, or even more simply, an herbal remedy of any

Oct 24, 2013
Government shutdown– who cares?

We are now in week 2 of the federal government shutdown. For most of us, the shutdown has made very little difference. For a

Oct 9, 2013
(Vitamin Retailer) Alternatives for Aches

Aspirin is a non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug (NSAID) similar to ibuprofen. Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) is a derivative of salicylate, which can be found in plants

Aug 15, 2013
(Whole Foods Magazine) New Product: Thyroid Nutrition

Thyroid Thrive is the latest product from RidgeCrest Herbals. Containing a natural vitamin and herbal formula, Thyroid Thrive is designed to support and maintain several

Aug 15, 2013
RidgeCrest Herbals Announces August Discounts for FibroRelief, TMJ Relief and Blood Pressure Formula

RidgeCrest Herbals Announces August Discounts for FibroRelief, TMJ Relief and Blood Pressure Formula Discounts Available From Authorized Distributors and SALT LAKE CITY, Utah

Aug 5, 2013
RidgeCrest Holiday July 24-26

RidgeCrest Herbals will be closed on July 24 for Pioneer Day, a Utah state holiday. We will also be closed on July 25 and

Jul 23, 2013
(Vitamin Retailer) Clean Sweep

Learning about how environmental toxins and poor diet can affect them, many consumers are turning to detox and cleansing programs as a proactive approach

Jul 15, 2013
The art of encapsulation

Capsules are a great thing. They allow us to take herbal and nutritional remedies in an easy-to-swallow dose. And let's be honest-- some herbs

May 20, 2013
Where do we manufacture our products?

Although we create our own unique herbal formulas, we don't manufacture and bottle the products ourselves. Instead, we contract out the actual manufacturing to

May 7, 2013
The Boston Marathon bombing

The headlines today were full of news about the two bombs that exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  My heart goes

Apr 15, 2013
Sinus solution: the Nasopure wash bottle

Since I was a kid, my nose and sinuses have given me problems. At the age of 5 or 6, I was diagnosed with

Apr 4, 2013
Crystal Hot Springs with the teardrop trailer

Our new teardrop trailer made its trade show debut at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim earlier this month, and it was a huge

Mar 28, 2013
Snowmobiling for fun and profit

I belong to a Vistage group of local CEOs who meet once a month to discuss issues that are important for our growing companies.

Mar 22, 2013
Eclectic innovation– from a woodpecker

Spring has arrived in Utah. The dwarf irises that Carol has planted in the front yard are in full bloom-- though nothing else is,

Mar 19, 2013
Why natural products are better– it’s the people!

Last weekend (March 7-10) we went down to the Natural Products Expo West trade show. As always, it was a great opportunity to renew

Mar 18, 2013
Whole Foods Magazine: Diabetes: Drastic Times Call for Preventative Measures

While some of us may have a sweet tooth, the cells in our bodies definitely do not. Our cells naturally use a certain amount

Feb 15, 2013
Suma Root-What is it and what can it do for you???

Suma Root (Pfaffia paniculata) Brazil is a gold mine for some of the worlds best medicinal herbs. So many of them are outstanding in

Nov 19, 2012
Liberty: what it means to all of us

Last Wednesday, November 14, 2012, Ron Paul gave his farewell address on the floor of the United States House of Representatives.  His 48-minute address

Nov 19, 2012