We use this advice here at RidgeCrest Herbals, and it sure does work well! If you find yourself in need of some samples of our products let us know! We want to help you be successful.

Retail Tip #108: You Sample, You Sell

from Retailer Coach Bob Negen

There are only three ways to grow your business, and one way is by getting new customers to do business with you. One of the best ways to entice new customers is to give hem a sample of your wares. YOU SAMPLE, YOU SELL. You see this technique all the time at grocery stores or the cosmetics counter, but it can work for nearly any business. As a matter of fact, I just saw a postcard from Victoria's Secret offering a free pair of panties. They're betting that people will like the sample panties so much that they'll become long term, profitable customers. Sampling also works extremely well for service oriented businesses - who wouldn't want a free stress-buster massage or a complimentary consultation with a financial planner?

Roberta Miller from the Bank of Lenawee in Adrian, Michigan, shares this very creative idea for sampling the outstanding customer service her bank offers: "I work for a community bank and part of my job is to encourage local merchants to consider my bank as a possibility instead of their current bank. So, on Saturday mornings, I bring 20 to 50 one dollars bills to our downtown stores and see if they need change. They are usually super busy and really appreciate not having to run out and get change themselves! I always give them the bills in one of our drive up envelopes so they see our name and logo at least once a week." Think about how you can give your hottest prospects a sample of your goods and services because if you sample, you'll sell.