Product Quality

We are often asked how we assure the high quality of our products. We do this through a multi-step process, that is always being refined and improved. These steps include:

  • Rigorous ingredient, formula, and product specifications
  • Outsourcing manufacturing, but only to US firms we know well and trust
  • Extensive product testing both before, during, and after manufacture
  • Standing behind our products with our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Unique formulas and product specifications. We own every one of our formulas, and we specify the nature and characteristics of every ingredient that goes into them. We know what each ingredient is designed to do, and how it is expected to perform. We know how the ingredients are intended to work together. By carefully controlling what ingredients go into our formulas, we ensure their continued high quality and performance.

Outsourced manufacturing. Like many small companies, we outsource the making of our products to specialized contract manufacturers. This allows us to focus exclusively on the formulations and quality control, leaving the myriad details of production to real manufacturing experts who do nothing else. Because we hold our manufacturers' toes to the fire on quality, they have learned that we will check up on them, and that the continued high quality of our products is always of paramount importance to us.

Made in USA. Over the years, we have seen many of our competitors move their manufacturing offshore to save money. While there are certainly reputable manufacturers overseas, as well as in the US, we have found that US manufacturers seem to be less tempted to take shortcuts. Over the years, almost all of the cases of tainted supplements we have seen in the industry have resulted from overseas manufacturers seeking to boost the perceived efficacy of their products (and sales) by spiking them with pharmaceuticals. By using only raw individual herbs from overseas, and by keeping our manufacturing in the United States, we have been able to completely avoid these kinds of problems.

Manufacturers we know and trust. We never engage a manufacturer without diligently inquiring about their reputation for quality and integrity. We also conduct personal on-site visits to ensure that their equipment, processes, and personnel stay up to the levels we expect. We work closely with our manufacturers, providing feedback for every batch, of every product, that they manufacture for us. We work closely with them to resolve any problems that arise, and prevent them in future production runs.

Test, test, test. Our ingredients are carefully tested for identity, potency, and purity, and compliance with our rigorous ingredient specifications, before they are ever accepted for manufacturing. During manufacturing, our products are constantly tested and inspected to be sure our manufacturing specifications are also properly met. After manufacture, our products are again tested for microbiological and other contamination, for packaging quality, and for consistency with prior batches of the same formula.

Guaranteed. Ultimately, we want you to be delighted with the results you get from our products. So we always stand behind our products with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are ever unhappy with any of our products, we want to hear about it and make it right.