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Retail Tip #101 - A Sweet Marketing Idea

The very best marketing for small business owners isn't fancy, expensive, or difficult. Here's a great idea that you can use LOTS of different ways. It comes to you from Scott Noble, owner of Sew Vac Ltd. in Long Beach, CA, and it's a wonderful reminder that our most valuable marketing asset resides on top of our shoulders, and not in our bank account. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPEND A FORTUNE ON GREAT MARKETING TO BE CREATIVE. Here's a lightly edited version of Scott's email to us:

"Hi, Bob and Susan,

Here is a fun and simple promotion we've had a blast doing: There's a fruit stand right across the street that I drive by every day. Lately, when I stop at the light next to the fruit stand, I'm overwhelmed with the incredible aroma of fresh picked strawberries. Of course I had to pull in and buy a flat. I brought them back to the store, washed them, and put them on a table in the front of our store for our customers to enjoy. On the same table, we displayed a sewing machine, an embroidery model, and created a stitched sign with embroidered pictures of strawberries and the words "Free Berries". We've sold 10 Bernina sewing machines off this table in ten days! Is it the smell? Is it their sweetness? Who cares! We're going to try the same thing with cherries, now that they are coming into season."

For the price of some strawberries and a little creative thinking, Scott developed quite a sales promotion. It's fun, it's customer focused, and it's really working! So, for the rest of you out there, what are some creative ways that you can demonstrate your services and products without having to spend a fortune?