From Retailer Coach Bob Negan, President Whizbang! Retail Training

Tip #110 - Think Big, Say Yes!

It's easy to get caught up in a negative spiral of thinking and believing, but thinking “I can make this idea work for me!” instead of “That would never work for me.” is the key to breakthrough success in your business. Avoid (eliminate if you can!) self-limiting thoughts or attitudes. These are the thoughts that keep you thinking small or stop you from trying big, creative ideas. This really hit home for me when I got an email about our tip “You sample, you sell” from Pam, a designer with PR Haig Jewelers in Rochester, MI. You might think that sampling for a jewelry store just wouldn't be feasible. I'd have said that they could do free ring sizing or give away ring cleaning as a sample of their great service, but these folks didn't think limiting thoughts. Here's the BIG idea these merchants came up with: “We recently celebrated our 30 year anniversary, and gave away 30 Gemstones. We drew names, and called the winners to come in and choose a stone. The response was great and it created add-on sales. The customers were thrilled to find out they had won something THEY could decide on and very often they had a piece of jewelry designed right then and there. It's not often customers get to sample something from the Jewelry industry, but our 30 year celebration gave us the opportunity to show our potential clients what we do best. It is true if you give a sample, you WILL sell!” So the challenge for all of us is to stop our minds whenever we hear that little whisper, “No, that can't be done. It won't work. Not for me.” Stop and figure out a way the idea could be done, adapted, and recreated to work for you. Now, that doesn't mean that you have to implement every idea you come up with, but the very act of saying “YES!” will eventually open up the doors to your breakthrough success.

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