Retailer Program Overview

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The Life of Our Business

Dedicated and knowledgeable retailers are the first line on connection to our customers. We love retailers, and we have created the RidgeCrest Herbals Authorized Retailer Program to give you the tools and training you need to be successful!

This program is for you. Please offer feedback and input into the process, materials and resources available. Please contact us at or call 801-978-9633.

We strive to provide marketing and sales resources that help you grow your business. From training to signage, we’ll constantly offer new and interesting ways of catching the consumers attention and showing them how the products you sell make their life better.

NEW! Retail locator

We are proud to unveil our new retailer locator available on the web site! Register as a retailer and you can request changes to your store information.

Step 2: Get Trained
Educate staff. Serve customers. Free stuff.

Learn and Earn! RidgeCrest Herbals now offers certified training course so you can become an expert on RidgeCrest Herbals and our unique products!

Requirements Alpine Ascent Summit
Number of SKUs carried 2 or more 4 or more 8 or more
MAP Pricing Agreement Required Required Required
Trained Sales Representatives - At least 1 At least 2
Promotional Discounts Yes Yes Special incentives
In Store
Marketing Materials
Yes Yes Premium items
Product Samples with special events Yes Special displays
Web Marketing Materials Yes Yes Yes
Retailer Newsletter Yes Yes Yes
Online Self-Training Yes Yes Yes
Conf Call Training Yes Yes With webinar
Eligible for Shopatron - Yes Yes
Eligible for Co-Op
Advertising Support
- In kind product In kind and funds
New Product Intro Kits - - Yes
Custom Marketing Materials - - Yes
Summit Advisory Club - - Yes