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Reach Your Peak.

If there's someone out there guiding us on the trail to success - it's YOU. Dedicated and knowledgeable retailers are the first line of connection to our customers. Your success is important to us. The Summit Retailer Program was designed specifically with you in mind. It provides you the tools and training you need to reach your peak, with access to perks you can't ignore!

Step 1: Register your store
Get found. Get discounts. Get product.

Why register? By registering your store you not only put yourself on the map for consumers, but also get to take advantage of some stellar benefits unique to Summit Retailers only. You can find out what these are in more detail here or look at the brief overview in the table below.

Why You Should Become A Summit Retailer

Requirements Non-Summit Retailer Summit Retailer
Authorized Reseller Agreement Required Required
MAP Pricing Agreement Required Required
Trained Sales Representatives - At least 1
Exclusive Discounts - Yes (details here)
Online Ordering - Yes
Online Form Access - Yes
No Hassle Returns - Yes (details here)
Buyback Program - Yes (details here)
In Store
Marketing Materials
Limited Premium Access (details here)
Free Fill Offers - When Available & on Approval (details here)
Product Samples With Special Event Approval Regular Access
Demos - Available by Location
Web Marketing Materials Yes Yes
Retailer Newsletter Yes Yes
Online Self-Training - Yes
Conf Call Training Yes With Live Q&A's
Eligible for Co-Op
Advertising Support
- Yes (details here)
New Product Intro Kits - Yes (details here)
Promotional Kits - Yes (details here)
Almanac - Free Copy
Online Almanac - Yes
Promotional Calendar - Yes
Custom Marketing Materials - Yes
Retail Locator - Yes
Step 2: Get Trained
Educate more. Serve better. Increase profits.

Learn and Earn! RidgeCrest Herbals now offers a certified training course so you can become an expert on RidgeCrest Herbals and our unique products. Not only will you be able to offer better service to your customers with a more educated team, but they'll be eligible to earn FREE full size product. Education & personal testimonies are some of the first steps in improving your sales. Learn more on our Summit Retailer Benefits page here.

We Want Your Feedback

The only way to improve the Summit Retailer program is by hearing from you. Let us know what you want to see, any ideas you might have, or the improvements that need to be made to make this program the best it can be for you. Contact us at or call 801-978-9633.