In order to understand the unique and exciting properties of Schizandra, you must first understand some of the basic components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). One of them are the three treasures Jing, Shen and Qi. These are factors that are believed to nourish all levels of our being or what we are made of physically, spiritually, and energetically. Another component in TCM are the 5 elemental energies: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These energies are related to Qi, or our bodies on an energetic level, and flow through certain energetic meridians that reach each individual organ and function in our entire system. It is believed that when the 5 elements are balanced our bodies are in perfect harmony and optimal health is achieved.

Schizandra is a historical herb that was a favorite with ancient Chinese royalty.  It is still one of the most preferred herbs in Chinese medicine today because it is one of the only Chinese herbs that contains all of the 3 Treasures, all of the 5 elements and reaches all 12 of the main meridians throughout the body! The uses for Schizandra have a broad range and are not limited to any one part of the system. Some of these include: normalizing blood pressure, balancing blood sugar, increasing libido, stimulating liver function, enhancing vision, purifying and protecting skin, improving memory and alertness, reducing stress, increasing energy, refining coordination, cleansing and strengthening each individual organ, and increasing oxygen levels within the cells. It also helps to reduce cholesterol, asthma symptoms, nerve pain, PMS, erectile dysfunction, and many, many other health problems. Schizandra fruit is also known to contain all 5 flavors of sour, sweet, bitter, warm/spicy and salty.

Its easy to see why Schizandra is so popular, there doesn't seem to be anything it can't do! Besides containing all the important properties in TMC, such as elements and treasures, Schizandra has some constituents that give it the “cure all” factor as well. Being a berry with rich red tones, it is easy to see that it is also rich in antioxidants which are powerful for healing and rejuvenating organs. Lignans are also found abundantly in Schizandra and are believed to mainly be responsible for protecting the liver and activating the enzymes in the liver cells that produce Glutathione, one of the major antioxidants produced in the body. Glutathione helps to stabilize the immune system, directly supports mitochondria (energy producing structure within the cells), and helps detoxifies the liver and body. Schizandra is outstanding in its versatility and ability to address many, many health concerns.

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