Shopatron: Retailers Serving Local Customers

ShopatronInternet orders placed on this website are fulfilled by local retailers, with the local retailer keeping the profits!

RidgeCrest Herbals has recently launched a new e-commerce initiative designed to better support our retailers, and better serve our website customers. Effective immediately, retail orders placed on our website can be fulfilled by our local retailers. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to visit our new site at

We have partnered with Shopatron, the leading provider of retail channel fulfillment coordination services, to offer our consumers the ability to purchase conveniently and directly from our website, and have those orders fulfilled by our local retail partners. Those orders can be fulfilled in two ways.

First, the order can be fulfilled through regular mail or shipping services. These orders get to the consumer faster, because they don't have to be shipped all the way from our warehouse in Salt Lake City. They also tell the online customer that the RidgeCrest products they want, are also available locally!

Secondly, the order can fulfilled through a new "in-store pickup" option. With this option, consumers will have the ability to pick their product up in a store, or have it shipped to their home, whichever they choose.

The in-store pickup program will:
• Drive online consumers into your store
• Provide additional service and sales opportunities
• Build long-term relationships
• Provide free shipping to the shopper

To learn more about this new Shopatron fulfillment service, and sign up as a fulfillment partner, please send an email to Will [at], and he will send you a special link that will pre-authorize you as a retailer and speed up the setup process.

As a retailer, there is no cost to enroll in the Shopatron program and only a small transaction fee (to Shopatron) is deducted from the proceeds of each sale.

After you complete signup and log in to your Shopatron account, online training will be provided to give you all the tools necessary to be a successful RidgeCrest Herbals fulfillment partner. You will then be able to fulfill internet orders placed on our website, and will receive all proceeds of the sale, less the small Shopatron transaction fee. RidgeCrest Herbals does not share in those sale proceeds, except by providing you (through your normal distributor) the inventory used to fulfill the order.

To enable the "in-store pickup" method, you will be asked to furnish some additional store information, and go through a brief online training specifically for in-store pickup. Once these steps are completed, your store can also be listed as an available in-store pick up location during the Shopatron order checkout process, giving you an opportunity to meet and serve another local user of RidgeCrest Herbals products.

This new retailer program is designed to boost your sales and strengthen your business presence in your local community. We truly appreciate your business and hope you will join us in this new and exciting opportunity.