Because of its unique position, maintaining healthy skin requires a different kind of attention than other bodily organs. After all, the skin is the body's first line of defense against external threats like viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens, and it is under constant siege from external threats like environmental toxins, and internal ones like misguided dietary choices. Keeping the skin healthy not only requires proper nutrition, but also avoiding exposure to external conditions or substances which can dry out, agitate, or disturb the skin's delicate equilibrium. Regular washing and bathing can help remove harmful irritants from the skin.  

Damaged skin can manifest itself in a variety of ways.  Skin which is noticeably oily or dry, blemished or infected dreamstimefree_25523may be a sign of repeated unhealthy exposure. Skin tags, generalized discoloration, liver spots, and premature wrinkling can indicate deeper health issue. Healthy, attractive skin is an indicator of general well-being, and comes from a balanced lifestyle and care for the skin's physical needs. Good skin health depends in part on fat-soluble vitamins like A, K, E,and D, which are best absorbed with food, so diet is key.  A well-rounded diet that includes lots of fruits,vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains can help ensure that the skin gets plenty of antioxidants and nutrients.

Skin Revive, by RidgeCrest Herbals, integrates four dynamic formulas known to improve skin health, beauty, and strength. The proprietary blend leverages powerful antioxidants to help protect the skin, and increase resilience to external and internal threats like toxins and stress. These same antioxidants been clinically proven to combat the effects of aging, and help reduce lines and wrinkles. In addition, Skin Revive includes a proprietary Collagen Building Blend to provide vital building blocks needed to smooth wrinkles and promote youthful, healthy skin.