Feb 7, 2020

Ten Minutes a Day

by Shae, Customer Service and Social Media Goddess

I tend to try to eat an elephant whole rather than one bite at a time and end up exhausting and overwhelming myself. On top of that, consistency is my biggest fault. I can make all the plans and want to do all of the things to better my life but ultimately if I can’t be consistent, I will never get anywhere. And in my life, I haven’t. I have failed many diets and work out plans. I have quit projects in the middle and my home has become a graveyard of the unfinished. I have stacks of books I’ve only gotten part of the way through. 

It makes me feel like a failure in life. This pattern of inconsistency has followed me like a shadow. As soon as something becomes hard or difficult, or I lose interest or get overwhelmed, or one little thing like getting sick throws me out my groove, I am done. 

I was talking with a friend recently about this in regard to all my unfinished books. He suggested just committing to 10 pages every day. I started thinking about this. If I could commit to ten minutes of fitness or ten minutes of meditation or ten minutes of anything that will better my life, I will get further than if I tried to do it in large chunks and overwhelmed myself and gave up. The time will pass anyway getting there slowly is better than not at all. If only I had listened to The Hare & the Tortoise more intently, I might be further in life than I am now. 

So here is to 10 every day and hoping I stay consistent with the small things.