Feb 12, 2020

ClearLungs Original Taste For Life Essentials Award

by RidgeCrest Herbals

RidgeCrest Herbals is starting out 2020 right, with a new award for its most popular product, ClearLungs Original! They are thrilled that the #1 selling lung-support product in the herbal industry has won the Taste For Life Essentials Award, Respiratory Support category!

The ClearLungs formula is Ridgecrest Herbals’ premier product and holds a special place in our heart as the one that started it all back in the ’90s. For years it has been the #1 herbal product in the country for healthy lungs, which just goes to show how effective Traditional Chinese Medicine can be. The basis of this formula dates back 2,000 years! In TCM, the lungs are considered the “Upper Source of Water” and Qi flows downward from the lungs. Bitter herbs are used to encourage downward flow, and warming herbs support circulation to the lungs to increase heat. The respiratory system is closely related to the spleen and kidneys, so the formula is designed to support all three systems. Just some of the ingredients that work so well together include:

Tangerine Mature Peel: Studies show it has expectorant properties and helps dry the lungs.

Chinese Licorice Root: It contains glycyrrhizin, a chemical compound that supports the body in blocking enzymes that lower the prostaglandin levels responsible for mucus production. 

Ophiopogon Root:  Helps maintain the body’s essential moisture and bodily fluids. 

Chinese Asparagus root: It is particularly known as a lung tonic recognized for its potential to help moisten and gently cleanse the lungs and respiratory tissue.

Schisandra fruit: This herb promotes oxygen supply for the cells, potentiates the body's immune system, protects against stress, and supports stamina.

While this is the first award for their Original ClearLungs product, the ClearLungs line of products has received seven industry awards, the most celebrated being ClearLungs Immune. In total, RidgeCrest Herbals has won 18 industry awards for its line of nearly twenty products. 

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