Mar 17, 2020

RidgeCrest Herbal's Covid-19 Response

by RidgeCrest Herbals

Here’s a wellness mantra that our team is using to help uplift spirits and promote positivity during this time:
We, together, will do all we can to remain healthy and help others to do the same. We will persevere and work together as a community for the greater good. Our country and world will recover. My body is strong and resilient. I am healthy in my mind. I will be compassionate, kind, and demonstrate excellence. 

This is a crazy, amazing time in our country and our planet. The Covid-19 pandemic is bringing out the best and the worst, and many, many people are doing everything they can to protect everyone around them, even if they feel they themselves are not at real risk. 

We want to assure everyone that RidgeCrest Herbals is taking steps to protect our employees and customers, along with so many others. Some of the steps we are taking include:

  • Working from home: Emergency preparedness has long been a focus of our CEO, and the company has smoothly transitioned to working remotely, including our customer service team. Almost everyone except our shipping department is currently working from home, and the silly e-mails and company inside-jokes are flying back and forth.

  • Extra sanitization protocols: We already have strict sanitization protocols in place to protect the integrity of our products, and we are ramping up our sanitizing around the office to keep our staff areas clean.

  • Sick policy: No one at RidgeCrest Herbals has yet begun to feel ill or been exposed to a known case of Covid-19. All our full- and part-time employees have always enjoyed a generous number of sick days, and thankfully, anyone who may begin to feel ill has plenty of paid sick leave they can use. This time in our country is strongly emphasizing the importance of, and need for, strong corporate policies regarding sick leave as a method of consumer protection. 

We have also received questions regarding the safety of our products themselves. The following is from our CEO, Matt Warnock:

People are asking whether our products are safe from Coronavirus. We have every reason to believe they are. These reasons include: 

  • Our products are all manufactured and packaged in the USA, in FDA approved cGMP certified facilities, under sanitary conditions. 

  • There have been ZERO reported cases of Covid-19 infection from taking a consumer product internally. Unless an infected person touches your bottles or pills inside your own home, this is just NOT a likely way of getting infected.

  • Like any other virus, Covid19 needs human or animal tissue to survive and reproduce. The virus spreads by air or direct contact and usually survives only 2-3 days on surfaces. Our products are manufactured many weeks or months before they are shipped.

  • Wuhan, the original epicenter of the epidemic, is a manufacturing and transport center in Central China. Chinese herbs come from agricultural regions, and especially Bozhou, the herbal medicine capital of China. Bozhou is about 300 miles northeast of Wuhan.

  • Infection from a door handle or shopping cart is much more likely than infection from an herbal product. If in doubt, don’t touch any public surface until you sanitize it. Wearing gloves or a mask can help, not least just by reminding you not to touch your face after touching other surfaces. We’re all human, and it’s hard to remember.

  • Make sure your immune system is in top shape. Get plenty of sleep, eat well, don’t stress, and fortify your system with adaptogenic herbs. And smile, or better yet laugh, for heaven’s sake—it boosts immunity and makes life a lot more fun! 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at 800-242-4649. Our customer service team is standing by, albeit probably in their pajamas. But they’re really cute pajamas!