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Growing & Gathering

Taken collectively, our products contain over 200 different herbs. Our goal is to provide information on sourcing, quality, and use for every single herb we use. This project is going to take some time, so please have patience with us.  We are proud of our farmers and gatherers and want to share their amazing stories and the way they positively impact our earth and the sustainability of the future. These stories span the globe and the breadth of the human experience. We look forward to sharing this work with you.

Herbs & Ingredients

Since before the time of snake-oil salesmen, consumers have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, flim-flammed, and otherwise taken in by the sultry voices of the disingenuous. It takes CONSTANT VIGILANCE to ensure that the ingredients in our products are of the highest quality. To protect our customers, we demand our distributors provide samples of every batch of ingredients that go into our products and do our own testing to make sure they meet our standards. We have long-standing relationships of great trust with our manufacturers, but we always go the extra mile to ensure our products are pure, potent, and of good quality. In some cases, we even extract, mill, or otherwise prepare our own ingredients to ensure that they meet our specifications. Eternal vigilance is a critical requirement for creating a quality product.  

We are working to provide comprehensive transparency information for all of our products. Stay tuned as we move this project forward!

Check back for more updates!

Speaking of Snake Oil...

Take a moment and think about what comes into your mind when I say “Snake Oil.”

If you are like me, you envision a man coming into an Old West town on a cart, yelling, “Step right up!” and drawing a crowd, peddling a solution to people’s problems, and skipping town before anyone discovers he has sold them nothing but watered-down brandy or turpentine.

But, in reality, real snake oil actually was used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Chinese railroad workers brought the information to the U.S. This was a common remedy for them, and it turns out that water snake fat is extremely rich in omega-3’s, eicosapentaenoic acid, anti-oxidants, calcium, iron, and zinc (it also contains mercury and lead, so I still wouldn’t recommend it for modern use). The hucksters took this information and started peddling watered down rattlesnake oil mixed with cheap alcohol and opiates. People loved it because, well, alcohol and opiates. It made them feel good.

This swindling of the American people was rampant by the early 1900s, and was part of the reason the FDA and the Food and Drug Administration was created in 1906; the capitalist market left unchecked was creating serious health risks for the American people. Public outcry increased for the government to act as protectors and regulators of the free market in order to preserve the safety of its people. Within ten years, the FDA investigated the most famous snake-oil salesman, Clark Stanley, “The Rattlesnake King.” He was known for his vivacious showmanship - at the 1893 World’s Fair, he famously gutted and boiled a rattlesnake for the crowds. He made a career out of his snake oil linament, opened production in two states, and sold his concoction for more than 20 years. The young FDA investigated his product and found it to be ineffectual, wildly overpriced, and of no medicinal benefit. It also contained no actual snake oil. He was fined and forced to stop production, and it is mostly his influence that led to snake-oil becoming synonymous with fraud.

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