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Growing & Gathering

As this section continues to develop you will learn what we do now when sourcing and deciding what food or herb we use in our formulas. How do we decide and prove they are what we want? It never stops expanding. We are working to get closer to the farmers and gatherers, ensuring they share the same principals we do in using and also, just as importantly, in preserving the Earth so our children will have the same amazing gifts from nature as we do. There is a lot to say about those who honor, respect, and care for nature.

In a perfect world every ingredient would be available from a locally sourced farm, where quality, purity, and a love for nature were nutured. Unfortunately, this is not yet a reality for all herbs (there are just a "few" herbs out there). Collectively, our products use over 200+ herbs. Our final goal, and promise, is to have all these sourced down to the supplier and know the "roots" of each herb we use, partnering to work with small farmers whenever and wherever possible, and if not, to find a way we can make that a reality. We will eventually get there - and hope that you'll join us on the journey!

Herbs & Ingredients

Ingredients are key to quality herbal remedies. Most small herbal companies outsource their manufacturing, as do we. However, you can't outsource all of your sourcing and still expect to have a quality product. Although we carefully qualify our manufacturers, we still demand samples of each ingredient that goes into our formulas. We do our own testing to make sure that the individual ingredients meet our standards.

Well-qualified and monitored suppliers are a must. You need to know your suppliers, and know their sources too. Some times herbs have been adulterated for profit, so you need to check that the ingredient you asked for is the ingredient that you received, and that it is pure, potent, and of good quality.

In some cases, we even extract, mill, or otherwise prepare our own ingredients to ensure that they meet our specifications. Eternal vigilance is a critical requirement for creating a quality product.  

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