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Mortar & Pestle

This section includes information on how we partner with manufacturers and laboratories. We work together to ensure our standards are never compromised. Here you'll find our standards and our process from raw ingredient herbs to final product.

Manufacturing: All facilities that produce Ridgecrest products are carefully selected based on moral and regulatory standards and audited annually by qualified RidgeCrest employees. They are third-party GMP certified by either NSF or UL and some have even more qualifying certifications. Our manufacturers, as well as our facility, have regular visits from the FDA, local food safety, and board of health organizations. We choose manufacturing leaders, with teams that train with the NPA, FDA, and others, to keep their facilities and employees current on certifications, high-tech equipment and the best practices in all aspects of making the best supplements available. 

Manufacturing includes many steps: sourcing, receiving, testing, weighing, and blending of ingredients; encapsulating and inspecting the capsules; and counting, filling, sealing, capping, and labeling the bottles. Each step requires extensive written procedures and compliance with FDA-mandated cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Finally, the completed product is tested AGAIN for identity, potency, and purity. before it leaves the manufacturing facility.

When the product arrives at our warehouse, a number of ADDITIONAL tests are done to confirm the testing done by the manufacturer. Further testing is done periodically over the shelf life of the product, to be certain that it continues to be potent and pure. 

Product Storage: RidgeCrest maintains a sufficient storage supply of all RidgeCrest products made so that we can reference, test, or compare any batch necessary. The FDA and other regulatory organizations have access to these storage supplies at any given time and are welcome to access samples for testing and review as desired. We have nothing to hide!

Partnerships: all of our manufacturers meet or exceed our standards because of the partnerships we have built and established with them. We carefully pick our partnerships and look for those who share like-minded values and principles. 

History of the Mortar & Pestle: (coming soon) 

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